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For over 50 years, spanning three generations, The Blume family has been practicing law in Scioto County. After graduating from Ohio State, Thurl Blume started the tradition in 1955. Since then, Kevin and Justin Blume have followed in his footsteps.

Kevin shared some of his childhood memories of his father.

“I can remember as a kid that dad would be called out to a crime scene late at night for the prosecutor’s office,” Kevin recalled.   “I can remember he would be late for dinner sometimes because he would be wrapped up in a trial. It seemed to be an exciting way to make a living.”

Thurl gave Kevin great inspiration. This inspiration led Kevin to become a lawyer. Much like Kevin followed Thurl, Justin followed Kevin.

“I became a lawyer because my dad was. It was something that interested me,” Kevin said. “How he made his living, it sort of inspired me. I wanted to follow in his footsteps to try to help others.”

Thurl’s foundation has molded Kevin and Justin into exceptional lawyers.

“I’ve got a reputation to uphold,” Justin said. “Dating back to my grandfather’s days and the stories that I hear of him, I certainly don’t want to let him or my father down. People’s lives are in your hands. I have an obligation not to waste away the reputation that has been built. I take that obligation very seriously.”

The similarities between Thurl, Justin and Kevin don’t end there. 

Everyone who knew my grandfather tells me that I look and act like him, Justin said.  “Apparently, my personality is very similar to the personality he possessed.  I conside that an honor.”

However, there is one stark difference. Unlike Justin, Kevin never got to work with his father.

“I didn’t get that privilege,” Kevin said. “He died just a few months before I started into law school. I had a goal to be taught by dad. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. It is exciting for me to be a part of that with Justin now. I am very proud to see what he has accomplished.”

Kevin further described working with his son.

“It is exciting to see his interest. I think Justin has a keen interest in trying to do the best he can,” Kevin gloated. “His energy and youth that he brings to it, it is pretty exciting. If I tell Justin that something needs to be done, I have the confidence that he will do things right. Although there is a father-son relationship, there has to be a professional relationship. We have to respect each other’s thoughts.  It is a business, family is one thing, but you’ve got to respect the business and respect the clients and get the jobs done.”

“It’s fun,” Justin described working with his father. “He’s been there and done a lot of the things I’m doing now. And he has some good advice. There are challenges. We probably spend more time together than he does with mom, and I do with my wife. We have a great relationship.”

Like his father and his son, Kevin attended The Ohio State University. He graduated in 1978 and then went to study law at Ohio Northern, graduating in 1981. The two colleges couldn’t be more different. While Ohio State was relaxed and carefree, it was time to buckle down in law school.

While in law school, Kevin and his wife, Pam had their two children, Justin and Chris. While this was exciting and new, it also provided its challenges.  Together, they were able to persevere.

Justin had an interesting time in law school as well, marrying the love of his life, Lynnsey. Like his father and grandfather before him, Justin attended The Ohio State University. Justin then choose a different path, attending law school at the University of Toledo, graduating in the spring of 2007. Lynnsey made a lot of sacrifices, just as Pam did before her.

Justin and Lynnsey are proud parents of two daughters, and one son, Elizabeth Ann Blume, and Katherine Louise Blume, and Matthew Alexander Blume.  

Both Justin and Kevin described their duties as lawyers.

“We offer any kind of legal service a person would need in this county. Between my domestic and civil case load, and Kevin’s probate, civil and real estate practice, there are not too many areas of law that we have not represented someone in,” Justin said. “My goal is to do the best I can for my clients and to get the best possible results.”

“It started out as Mowery and Blume.  Steve and I began practicing law in 1984. With Steve leaving to take the bench, in 2010; we have had to change and adapt,” Kevin said. One thing remains constant; we are going to meet our clients’ needs. Ethically, we must represent our client zealously. It is every attorney’s duty to represent the client’s best interest.”

The Blume Law Firm focuses its practice in a variety of legal areas, including divorce, dissolution, custody, civil litigation, auto accidents, insurance claims, probate estates, wills, trusts, estate planning and real estate. 

If you have a question about any of these areas of law, please call to schedule an appointment.

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